Mindfulness Drumming Meditation Course


Connect with your natural rhythms

  • Feel joyful and enlivened while releasing stress in a fun way

  • Quiet the mind and open the heart

  • Come into a deeper state of presence



drum0076_1Drumming is a powerful form of yoga, it helps us to come into a deeper state of presence and self awareness.

It  has been called the language of the heart. The drum beat connects us to our heart, to our breath, our natural rhythms in the body, the beat of the earth, our ancient roots and so much more.

Life beats to rhythms. The heart beats, the breath flows, the tides, the seasons, the circling planets and stars, even the shine and fade of the sun occur in varied rhythms and cycles.

This is a fun and playful practice that enlivens the spirit and  connects us deeply to ourselves. Drumming awakens a knowing within.

There is a long list of benefits that come along with drumming, here are just a few more:drum-circle-small-074

Promotes relaxation, boosts your immune system, balances hormones , connects us with ourselves and everything around us, grounds us in the present moment, reduces feeling of anxiety and stress, encourages feeling of confidence and so much more

Join Carol in this magical meditative workshop series.




Facilitated by: Carol Angel

CYoga sn breathwork Womens retreat wagga wagga - Carol Angelarol’s heart-based practices will guide you to step more fully into your life, to become instrumental in your own experiences and to connect more deeply with your joyful self!

Carol inspires playfulness, bliss and healing as she shares teachings and experiences from a variety of wisdom traditions fusing creativity, mindfulness and positive psychology.

Carol is passionate about facilitating present-moment awareness through therapeutic drum circles, meditation and movement.

She has a degree in Psychology and  leads youth programs and classes to empower teens who experience challenges in life. Along with this she runs wellbeing workshops for educators and support staff.

Carol is also the mother of 2, a passionate yogi and wellbeing coach.