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  • No bookings are required for regular classes (unless otherwise stated on timetable)
  • All our GENTLE classes are PERFECT for beginners: so if you’re new to yoga, you’d be most welcome!
  • Simply arrive 10 minutes before first class to complete a safety screen & payment
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Specialty YOGA Classes on offer (only during the school term) 






Monday, 1st October - Sunday 23rd December 2018
No 9.30am Gentle class Mon 22nd October due to teacher training session
DynamicRelaxation &
5:45pmDynamicGentleDynamic GentleGentle Karma Yoga Class
(by donation, bookings required. No class during school hols)
7:15pmGentleDrum Circle

Dynamic: This 75 minute class is for those who would like a strong focus on physical development and balance as well as the mental and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice.

Vinyasa: This 45 minutes Vinyasa is a class of flowing postures designed to awaken and energize the body and mind. Ideal for those who want to bring harmony to mind and body and begin their day fresh and full of vitality

Gentle: Suitable for beginners, this 75 Minutes class is for those who require an easier approach that balances a moderate and graded approach to physical practice with the mental and spiritual benefits.

Relaxation and Meditation: This 75 minutes class is for those who would like the main focus to be on clarifying and refining the functions of the mind and generating a level of spiritual awareness.

Meditation: This is a meditation class that the whole family can attend. It is a guided practice in a very comfortable lying posture to help train the mind into a calm and present state of mindful, relaxed awareness. Great for relieving stress and anxiety. This is a 75min class.

Karma Class:  This 60 minute class is a donation class; a gentle yoga class suitable for beginners. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join. Bookings are required as this is a popular class. This class does not run during school holidays.

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