Conscious breathwork

 Awaken to your breath….


– Reduce stress, fear
& anxiety in your life

– Go Beyond victim hood
& drama and towards
the bliss of life.

– Remove the “road
blocks’ to living the life
of your dreams

– Increase your physical,
mental & emotional
wellbeing in a safe
& easy way

– Feel peaceful as you move through life’s circumstances


What is Conscious Breathwork?

Conscious breathwork is a safe, supported & profound experience that provides valuable lessons in relating to life.  During the breathe you can uncover and release limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back without your knowing it.  Gain clarity in areas you are struggling with, let go of constant stresses in your life (FOREVER),  heal and clear long standing physical conditions, dismantle relationships patterns that continue to show up, clear past life karma and SO MUCH MORE. Conscious Breathwork helps to unveil whats REALLY going on underneath the challenges you are experiencing.

Anxiety and stress are indicators of a deeper emotional state just below the level of conscious awareness

Through this type of inquiry, participants develop high level of self-awareness and radical self-responsibility~ moving beyond victim hood, trauma, and drama towards a much deeper enjoyment of  all of life’s experiences.

take-a-breathConscious Breathwork is a practical and easy technique that  provides a powerful cleansing of all the systems in the body, a release stuck emotional energy from the cells and an unraveling of unconscious patterning that inhibits your life, thereby creating more freedom in yourself . You can make permanent  lasting change in your life  in just a few sessions when facilitated and guided by an experienced professional.

Are ready to move towards the state of life that you really want to live? If so then trust your inner knowing and simply take the step.

In most people’s experience, a relatively short-term commitment to the Breathwork process brings permanent and life-transforming results.

Breathwork is a catalyst to transform everything which no longer serves your evolution!

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Personal investment:

1 session – $150

Sessions last from 90 mins – 2 hours


Some Frequently asked questions
What is a Breathwork session like?

Each session is unique for each person. The person lies down in a comfortable position and is coached and sensitively guided in rhythmic breathing in which the inhale is connected to the exhale without a pause.
An average session lasts about an hour and a half, and during the session you may experience physical as well as emotional releases, states of bliss, energy moving in your body, deeper awareness and release of negative thought and relationships patterns and so much more.

How many sessions are required?

As many as you like, although 10 private sessions with a professional breathworker are recommended to really get clear on your life and get through the layers of the psyche. Group sessions can also be very powerful.

Who is breathwork for?

Breathwork is for everyone who wants to experience their life with more freedom, richness and joy

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