Drumming Circle Drop in Classes


  Each Wednesday – drop in classes

7.15pm – 8.30pm


Divine Wellbeing

with Ken Hedt

Dates –

every Wednesday from 17 Feb 2018

No class ANZAC Day Wed 25th April.


Connect with your natural rhythms

  • Feel joyful and enlivened while releasing
    stress in a fun way

  • Become more fully present in your life

  • Quiet the mind and open the heart


Drumming is a powerful form of yoga, it helps us to come into a deeper state of presence and self awareness.  It  has been called the language of the heart. The drum beat connects us to our heart, to our breath, our natural rhythms in the body, the beat of the earth, our ancient roots and so much more. Drumming awakens a knowing within.

This is a fun and playful practice that enlivens the spirit and  connects us deeply to ourselves


There is a long list of benefits that come along with drumming, here are just a few

Promotes relaxation, boosts your immune system, balances hormones , connects us with ourselves and everything around us, grounds us in the present moment, reduces feeling of anxiety and stress, encourages feeling of confidence and so much more

Wednesdays at Divine Wellbeing.

7.15pm – 8.30pm

No booking required.


Book forward and pay online

Facilitated by: Ken Hedt