At Divine Wellbeing Yoga and Natural Health in Wagga Wagga you are sure to find something for you; from beginners yoga classes to advanced yoga, no matter your age we have something for everyone.

Come and join our friendly yoga community, where you will be welcomed by our professional, well-trained yoga teachers. We provide a variety  of quality yoga classes, along with  health & lifestyle teachings to help empower you develop and maintain your health & wellbeing.

At Divine Wellbeing, our vision to see all members of the community living life and health to the fullest capacity.  Our classes, programs and services are all geared towards the fulfillment of this goal. All programs and services are offered in a fully air-conditioned, comfortable and nurturing studio in Wagga Wagga. Come and try us out for only $20.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Remedial Massage
  • Holistic Counselling & Guidance
  • Breathwork
  • Naturopathic Consultations
  • Professional Nutritional Consultations
  • Herbal Medicines

Divine Wellbeing uses the ancient and proven healing arts of yoga, massage therapy, nutrition, herbal medicines and counselling to provide a holistic and integrated natural health service.

There are many aspects of health; choosing the appropriate approach to your personal health condition can make an enormous difference to quality of life.

At Divine Wellbeing in Wagga Wagga you can choose from a variety of group yoga classes, meditation classes and other programs to keep fit physically, mentally and spiritually. These can be attended casually, in courses or as often as you like. Each yoga program is suited to different physical capacities. Saying “I do yoga” is like saying “I do dancing” – there are many different styles. You can do waltz, tango, hip-hop or break-dancing. They are all great, but some are more suitable than others for a particular individual. That’s why our yoga programs are divided into 4 levels.


Dynamic Yoga is for those who would like a strong focus on physical development and balance, as well as the mental and spiritual benefits of a yoga practice.


Gentle Yoga is for those who require an easier approach that balances a moderate and graded approach to physical practice with the mental and spiritual benefits.


Vinyasa Yoga: is a flowing yoga posture practice to get the body moving, the blood flowing, the mind focused and the muscles limbered up and loose. We use vinyasa practice for the early morning classes as a great way to start the day.


Relaxation and Meditation is for those who would like to have less stress, more peace of mind and better focus in life. We use a Yoga Nidra based guided meditation practice to bring the mind into steadiness and come into a deeper connection to our innate foundation of being.




Click here to see our yoga timetable for class times that suit you.

If you would like to focus more personally on a particular health condition, you can take advantage of the one-on-one health services on offer:

  • Massage therapy can be used for injury and illness rehabilitation, postural correction, relaxation or just to be kind to yourself (or someone else – we have gift vouchers)
  • Nutritional and herbal medicine can be used for treatment and support of any health conditions, for improving dietary health and general wellbeing as well as increasing sports performance and general physical capacity and energy.
  • Holistic counseling may be used to gain clarity, peace of mind and direction in times of personal stress, confusion and emotional disturbance
  • Yoga and exercise therapy can be used to correct physical imbalances and injuries etc. and compliment the treatment of particular health conditions.
  • One-on-one services are by appointment only. See pricing or contact us for more information and bookings.